Leadership Team

Manuel Chimbo


As the public face of this company, Manuel Chimbo is a leader who has attained years of experience in this industry. He has passed down all his knowledge to all the team members nurturing them, blossoming Next Solutions into what it is today. He is not only the president but the founder of this company back in October 2012.

Diego Chimbo

(Chief Executive Officer- CEO) 

Next Solutions’ co-founder Diego Chimbo is the highest corporate executive in charge of this company, He has brought professional excellence by modeling and setting the company’s culture, values and behavior; by building and leading the senior executive team and allocating capital to the company’s priorities. He’s been a guide to every single member in the company including foreman and technicians since he grew from working in the field just like them. Experience, strategy and leadership is what defines him and his way to connect with his employees.

Rigoberto Soria

(Chief Technology Officer- CTO)

Co-founder and CTO Rigoberto Soria has brought a big technical support to this company which is a great advantage according to the industry this company works for. He is in charge of developing technical aspects of the company’s strategy to ensure alignment with its business goals. His communications and strategies skills are what define him the most. Some of his priorities are to build quality assurance and data protection processes ,also to discover and implement new technologies that can yield competitive advantage for this company.

Amit Saha

(Chief Operating Officer- COO)

Being the second in command of a great company isn’t as easy as it seems. But Amit has always been 100% devoted to his duties which includes helping others to complete their work in the best way possible. He is the person in charge of overseeing ongoing bussiness operation within the company. He also reports to the CEO about anything going on in the company. Amit has been part of this company since it’s foundation back in October 2012.

Michelle Nivicela

(Vice President, Finance)

She plays an important role in this company since she is the CFO’s right hand and manages finance as well. Her duties are to monitor and analyze monthly operating results against budget. She’s been very devoted to her work which includes accounting , finance and payroll. Being always on time for every payroll has been one of her priorities as well as Preparing financial analysis for contract negotiations and product investment decisions.

Elizabeth Alvarado

(Marketing Manager)

As the Marketing Manager, Elizabeth Alvarado is in charge of building strong relationships as a channel for marketing additional services. She also makes sure she educates her costumers on discussion papers, seminars and other events in the industry. She is also in charge of social media marketing, which means she manages Next Solutions website, facebook, LinkedIn and others; providing good and fresh information of the latest technologies and about the company itself.

Marco Lojano , Pedro Najera , Andy Feng

(Project Managers- PM)

Project managers are the backbone support of this company. They provide support, not only in the office, but to the field crews as well. They ensure that everything is running smoothly, from the beginning of each project to the very end, which includes the scheduling of each crew , ensuring all materials are available and ready, and most importantly, ensuring that the crews are following the important safety procedures when working. PMs develop a very important roll on this company. Their experience is reflected at the end of a successful project , because we can see all the effort they have put into teaching their field workers.

Martha Sanchez, Ivon Balvoa, Jiawei Wu

(Turnover Coordinators- TO)

Our great team ! They are the responsible for all activities associated with the successful progression of all documentation and work processes required for each project. They ensure compliance with Client and company policies, procedures and standards. They are the ones responsible for closing every single project by reporting through documents what was done and how it was done out in the field. They work on not only one but multiple projects per day, which makes their role as one of the highest and most important in this company and industry.