Telecom Infrastructure Development

For nearly one decade we have helped our customers build, upgrade, optimized and troubleshoot state-of-the-art wireless networks. Our employee based tower climbers and cell site technicians are highly skilled in the latest wireless and wireline technologies. From the latest 5G technology to LTE, microwave and transport, our technicians provide best-in-class breakfix, installation and integration for the largest network operators in the country. Next Solutions has years of experience managing construction, from site modifications to small cell.

As a licensed general contractor in 5 estates, our construction service offerings include:

  • Site modifications
  • Upgrades and decommissions
  • Tower/rooftop/water tank installations
  • Microwave backhaul
  • Safety remains our number one priority on all sites, as demonstrated by our excellent OSHA reported metrics for our Infrastructure Services group. Through our comprehensive training programs, video audits and company-wide commitment to safety and quality, we deliver industry leading quality and safety results.
  • Multi-vendor experienced technicians

Next Solutions provides integration and optimization services as independent offerings or as a part of a larger scale infrastructure project or equipment upgrade program:

  • Dedicated in-house teams with rapid-response availability across the eastern half of the US
  • Team members are thoroughly trained in OEM technologies and most carrier systems
  • Our project management expertise drives efficiency
  • Custom-developed tools to optimize workflow and data collection
  • ISO/TL-compliant maintenance and calibration of test equipment

Our service offerings include:

  • Commissioning and integration (C&I)
  • Issue resolution